We Need Music: The Importance of Music Education

We don’t only need music so we can listen to something on the ride to work. We don’t only need music to pump up a party on a Saturday night. We need music for survival.

Eric Clapton

Me and Mr. Clapton: Why Eric Clapton is My Biggest Musical Influence

Why Eric Clapton is my biggest musical influence as well as some brief insight into his career and the significance of his music. Click now.

WPU Music Biz Success Story: Sean “Jay Z” Carter

When we think of outstanding business men and trail blazers, we always think about men in suites, working in cooperate business, or sometimes, with technology; however, Sean Carter, or better known as Jay Z, changed that stereotype. In fact he changed more than that, he changed the lives of millions.

WPU Student Ryan Tomski: Three Business Lessons Jazz Students Can Learn From Jay Z

WPU Student Ryan Tomski: 3 Lessons Jazz Students Can Learn From Jay Z

Millionaire music mogul Jay-Z makes music make money. WPU Music Biz (and Jazz) Student Ryan Tomski explains how this can apply to Jazz aficionados trying to make it big.