Spotify Playlist Promotion Strategy

Nick Spillert of William Paterson recaps on his Spotify Playlist promotion strategies. Spotify Playlisting has become extremely important in the music biz.

The Power of Music and the Human Connection

Music is an extremely powerful force in our world. We humans express ourselves with music and use it to connect with the hearts and minds of others. Read guest blogger Nick Spillert’s stunning confessions.

Nick Spillert’s Ultimate Spotify Playlist

Nick Spillert has gathered together a collection of 50 songs that inspire him musically and emotionally. Check out his Ultimate Spotify Playlist!

The Top Five All Time Pop/Punk bands

The Top Five All Time Pop/Punk bands are Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Wonder Years, and Man Overboard. Five songs from each of these bands made it to this playlist for an all time pop/punk playlist.