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Strife Mag’s 2017 Picks Spotify Playlist

On Spotify I designed this playlist for Strife Magazine, the online alternative music magazine that I write for. This playlist has songs of artists that the members of Strife are looking forward to in 2017.  In order to market my playlist to gain followers I set up a plan, in this plan I would post my playlist on social media as well as share it by word of mouth to friends and family.

Social Media Posts

After I made the Spotify Playlist I wrote up a little bit about our playlist describing what types of music and bands it included. It was posted on both the website and all of the social media that we actively run and I retweeted it on my personal twitter as well.

Here’s the tweet we posted about the playlist

The tweet got overall 42 likes and 9 retweets. This is not one of our most popular tweets however it did get a decent amount of interaction for not having been specifically about a certain band. However, I did not see the amount of interaction that we got on this tweet in the amount of followers that my playlist had gained.

Word of Mouth

Another way I marketed this playlist is by word of mouth. I first contacted my friend who goes to another school, she has a large group of friends and is in a sorority as well. I asked her to place the link to my the Spotify playlist in all of her group chats and to ask her friends if they would be able to follow it. As well as this I asked my roommate as well as a few friends of mine to follow it and even linked them the page to the playlist. They complied and added to the followers on my playlist.


By word of mouth I didn’t get much of a response, I felt this is because I was asking friends over text or social media and not in person that I did not get as much of a response as I would have liked. However I feel that if I asked more people in person as opposed to over messaging that I would have had a greater turn out in that regard.

Over social media is where I got the most response, but the problem with posting online is that you can only post so much before the consumer ignores the post. In this case I would suggest posting once on multiple platforms and then at a later date posting again, but not on every platform. This is to avoid being seen as spam.

Overall, I got a decent response in followers for the amount of marketing I did by at the time of posting this I gained 24 followers for the Spotify playlist.


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