Stevie Wonder...My Inspiration
Stevie Wonder...My Inspiration
Stevie Wonder…My Inspiration

Who is Anthony Miller? Well I’m glad you asked. Currently, I’m a MBA Graduate Student at William Paterson University studying Music Management. I’ve completed my Undergraduate studies at Ramapo College of New Jersey studying Music Performance and Music Production. My fulltime employment consists of being a musician, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, and multimedia specialist. Wow, that sounds like a lot of titles but in reality, all of these channels live in harmony with each other.

Stevie Wonder...My Inspiration
Stevie Wonder “Music is a world within itself”

Stevie Wonder is one of my inspirations.  His music transcends through generations which gives clarity and purpose through life’s journey. When I listen to his music, it puts me in a state of peace, love, and inspiration. I’m so amazed at how Stevie Wonder’s music and lyrics affect how I approach the performance and business side of music. While there are many other great song writers, Stevie Wonder speaks to real life situations and inspires me to be a better human being. He may not have the chops of Oscar Peterson or the virtuoso style of Frederic Chopin, but he’s genuinely gifted in the keys of life! Stevie Wonder being that gift of life also was recognized as the U.N. messenger of Peace in 2009.


Stevie Wonder, President Obama
Obama awards medal of Freedom

In this present day, one must be able to switch roles at any given opportunity to stay applicable and relevant in this ever-changing world of music media. Over the past two decades, I have maintained a career as a working musician. During the course of this time, I had the privilege of securing a number of Music Director positions. However, like many of my contemporaries, I spent countless hours of practice and preparation perfecting my craft and gearing up for the next gig. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that talent in the music industry has its limits on where it could take you. After years of touring, I recognized the need for business minded musicians in the music industry and decided to accompany my talent with a higher education at William Paterson University.








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