I’m John Cruz, but no one really calls me that, aside from my professors and my mom when she’s really mad at me. To most people I go by the name, J. I was born and raised in Philippines. I am a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Carteret, New Jersey. I am a current Popular Music Studies major at William Paterson University.

Spotify: Promoting a Playlist

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How does one promote a Spotify playlist? How does one gain a substantial amount of followers? Do you just post it all over your social media and hope for the best? The truth is, just like promoting/marketing anything, you have to come up with a plan. At the beginning of the semester I made my own playlist and had to promote it as the semester went by. I had a couple of months to promote my playlist, let’s see how i did.

Good Vibes: My Spotify Playlist

The name of my playlist is “Good Vibes.” My Spotify playlist is filled with mostly R&B/Soul songs from the ’90s and early 2000s. I consider them “Oldies but goodies.” Nothing beats that nostalgic feeling that you get when “that” song comes on.  My goal with this playlist was to fill it with songs that I wouldn’t skip over. Also, I wanted to create a playlist that people can just play after a long day and “vibe” to.

Brian McKnight
Boyz II Men

The Strategy

A reenactment of me telling people to follow my Spotify Playlist

My strategy to promote my playlist and gain followers was based around the word of mouth, as I thought that would be the most assuring way to gain followers. People are more likely to do what you ask of them if you ask them in person. On the other hand, I didn’t want to just hang my hat on one strategy. I decided I would post my playlist on all of my social media outlets (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) and see how many followers I could accumulate from there. Also, I wanted to reach out to some of the independent artists that I have on my playlist and see if they would follow and promote it as well.

The Results Are In!

Here are my results; in total, my Spotify playlist received 25 followers, not too shabby at all. About 20/25, which is 80%, of my followers came from the “word of mouth” strategy. I started by asking a few of my cousins to follow my playlist, which they did. Then I asked them to spread the word around to their friends and family and ask them to follow as well. One of my cousins is a barber and I asked him to play it in his shop while he cuts his customers and ask them to give it a follow as well. The other 20% of my followers came from my social media posts, or so i think. I reached out to the independent artists that I have featured on my playlist but none of them ever replied back.

Two people enjoying my “Good Vibes” playlist

John Cruz

Popular Music Studies, WPU ’18

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