Maxine Aviles is a senior communication major, with a concentration in public relations. She attends William Paterson University, and plans to work in the cosmetic public relations field after graduation in May 2018. 

 Selena Quintanilla’s Legacy and Everlasting Influence

By Maxine Aviles

Grammy’s 1994

Since the age of four, Selena Quintanilla has been a part of my life. I have vivid memories as a child, that were fortunately made permanent through home videos, that showcased a mini me singing along to her songs. Though I had no clue what I was singing, something about her voice and passion stayed with me till this very day. The best part about Selena’s music to me, is that it is timeless. Although her music was released in the 90’s, I listen to her music everyday while I’m getting ready, and it still makes me feel the same way I did at four years old.

Musically, Selena has inspired and taught me the importance of singing passionately and confidently. But on a personal level, Selena has taught me to be a confident Latina woman, and to fight for my dreams no matter what. At my age, she was able to break through a male dominated genre of music, and single handily broke boundaries for women in the industry after her. Selena managed to accomplish all of this, while staying true to her roots, and never changing who she was . She was the first person I looked up to and felt a connection to in my life, and Like the many female artists now, she was and will always be my inspiration.

1995 Concert

Selena, often referred to as the ‘Queen of Tejano music”, was a force to be reckoned with. Not only was she known for her incredible vocals, she was a fashionista, and true entrepreneur who had plans to venture out in many different projects outside of music.She was the first Tejano musician to win a Grammy, and consistently broke records through her music. Before her sudden passing at the age of 23, she was planning her English cross over record, and getting ready to launch her fashion line.

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Selena MAC Collection

Selena’s spirit continues to shine bright even till this day. Due to the tremendous work the Quintanilla family continues to put in to keep Selena’s presence alive 22 years later, her fan base continues to grow. In 2016 MAC Cosmetics released a Selena line of limited edition makeup that sold out twice, thanks to her loyal and growing fan base. In that same year, Selena’s wax figure was revealed as a permanent figure in the Madame Tussaud’s museum, in both the California and New York City locations. In 2017 Selena was featured on Google’s homepage as a google doodle, which was created to celebrate her life and legacy. Most recently Selena was honored, and given a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, that drew record crowds in for the unveiling ceremony.

Although I was excited to discuss the person that has influenced me throughout my entire life, I was saddened with the thought that she is no longer here. I wish I could share her new music through Spotify, or display recent interview’s or performances, but unfortunately her life was taken too early. Although she is not here physically, I continue to keep her memory alive, and will spread her legacy on to my future children. Selena will always be remembered to me as the beautiful, real, and courageous star that she was. 22 years later, and Selena is still as relevant as ever.

Thank you Selena, for giving me and a million other women, hope and strength through your music and life. In such a short amount of time you were able to inspire, and change so many lives with your incredible spirit. I will continue to “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” till I can no longer move my hips.

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Selena Google Doodle




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