Michael is approaching his undergraduate graduation at 31 years old. He is constantly learning both in and out of the classroom.  As a psychology major at William Paterson University, he has found  ways for research to open his mind to the power of music.  Outside of the classroom, Michael takes with him an open-minded, skeptical and curious view of the world.  Together, with a history of memories marked by immersive musical experiences, Michael aims to hone in on a career to keep positive and creative thinking in tune with the “frequencies of the Earth”.


The Power of Music: Frequency of Kai (Ocean)



For many people memories are marked by achievements, family gatherings, traumatic experiences, etc.  Many of my memories can be tied to music.  Music that I was listening to,  the “way the music hit me”, or the phase of life that I was in while listening.


Music is an immersive experience, that can make a person feel any way at any time.  To be “immersed”, is to be overcome by, and to be enveloped by something.  While playing music with other people, I have found myself in immersed states.  My frequencies seem to bounce, mingle, or coexist with others who seem to be in similar immersive states.  How does “the power of music” seem to take over our individual powers.  Perhaps the power of music leaves those in its path powerLESS??



Flying in a plane leaves me powerless, so I found in my early twenties, a very specific album that could get me through the motions of airport anxiety and travel (by way of metal flying tube with wings).  Maybe it’s be the vast reverb in the room where the keys were recorded, or the seamless execution of highs and lows through emotion, articulation, and pitch.  Whatever it is, when I fly, Radiohead’s OK Computer is personally a powerful musical tool that I use to combat specific stresses.  Maybe the specific relationship of that album’s frequencies, and mine in an airport are what help, but whatever it is, OK Computer gets me to destinations that I desire to continue to see.


To feel the power of music in its rawest form I need to travel, and find forms of music in all of its forms.  On the North Shore of Oahu at around midnight, while breathing in dense, delicious, salty air from my porch, a classical cellist and I were forced to pause our conversation as we were interrupted.  The waves crashing from 15 feet above the surface of the water were chiming into our conversation from 100 yards away, in the unseen dark.


Its power and intensity lured us.  It was howling constant white noise from its crests, and crashing like symphonies and train wrecks at its break.  After a while, it was clear that no matter what frequencies individuals are reverberating at, this massive, enveloping ocean can and will adjust us as it pleases.  To respect Kai is to get by happily and peacefully.  One must live understanding that Kai cannot be taken for granted.  It is her frequency that is the life.  She has the unrepeatable, unique frequencies.


Kai is life…. Kai is frequency…. Frequency is music…. Kai is music…. Music is Life


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