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The Power of Music and How it Impacts our Lives.

 I can instantly think of a song for every situation that has impacted my life in both good and bad ways, and the beauty about this, is that I truly believe every single person on this earth experience’s this same connection with music. Besides music being fun, and something you can dance to, I truly believe the biggest purpose and the most powerful aspect that music holds, is the fact that it can mean different things to millions of people, and teach each individual courage, strength, and life lessons.

The fact that a 3-minute beat with lyrics has the power to bring back specific memories, or help you when nothing else can, truly represents the power of music.

One Song can Make a Difference for Millions

Artwork for “1-800-273-8255”

Artists are extremely aware of the impact they have with their music, and the messages that they portray. Countless of times artists have been told by fans that their music has helped them through difficult situations. The song that sticks out to me the most this year, that shows the power of music, was from artists Logic and Alessia Cara’s anthem, “1-800- 273-8255”.

The song title itself has a strong message, as it is the national suicide prevention hotline. This specific song is important and shows the power of music, because the artist took initiative and decided to create art that could save the lives of millions. The entire song promotes suicide prevention, and impact-fully goes through the stages individuals go through when they use the hotline.

MTV VMA’S 2017

The topic of suicide is often ignored, and not talked about in such an upfront matter, but this song gives the prefect spot light on the subject, and has the ability to reach millions.The fact that an individual has a song that they can relate to, when it’s such a real subject that affects people each day, shows the power and impact of music.

The song starts off as someone who is calling the hotline, and expressing their unwillingness to live. It then goes on to express the operator giving hope to the caller, and then closes with the caller realizing their worth, and fighting to stay alive. Songs like this, with this kind of message, is often times the advice and support people need. The fact that a single song can change someones life, once again shows how powerful music is.


Music Stays With Us Forever

My point is, music is more powerful then we often realize. Whether it’s a song about having confidence, or subjects like suicide and death, music takes our everyday life struggles, and presents them back to us in ways that help us get through life. Whether you’re 15, 27, or 70, every person has a song or songs that got them through a tough time, or brings back the happiest memories.

Music is fun. Music is a representation of our deepest thoughts. Music is powerful.

Here’s a list of songs that can make your bad days a little better and brighter, enjoy!


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