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Anthony Miller’s Ultimate Playlist


Alicia Keys/Anthony Miller
  Alicia Keys/Anthony Miller  “Ultimate Playlist”

My name is Anthony Miller and my playlist is equipped with both songs and artist that speak to my soul. I always refer to music as “the soul mate that has always been there.” The connection I get through music recycles my positives thoughts as well as reverberate euphoric feelings. Music is also there for me spiritually as a sacred expression of worship, which is significant to me. During my early adult years, I’ve turned my love into my profession. I now maintain a career as a professional musician within the music industry. Being a professional musician has introduced me to diverse genres of music. It has also allowed me to experience different cultures upon my travels both nationally and internationally. My travels also confirms that music is a universal language that is immortal and music is also similar to time, it’s always evolving. These are the two key things that I’ve learned as a musician. The multiple genres in my Ultimate Playlist will reflect this.

Ultimate Playlist
Michael Jackson/StevieWonder  “Ultimate Playlist”




Day by day, we manage to overcome life’s obstacles. We draw upon strategies to help face these obstacles, which motivates us to keep going in life. My strategy is drawing near to my first love: music. Music has always played a major role in my life; it is both therapeutic and stimulating. It transcends throughout generations and becomes a timeless priceless jewel creating inspiration for others. There’s no other way to be inspired but to be inspired by what you love. Although, my days are consumed by music, I’m sure that others can attest that music makes the world a better place. It’s amazing how individuals such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Alicia Keys can produce such beautiful tunes and lyrics that inspire others.


Ultimate Plalist
Anthony Miller’s Ultimate Playlist

Overall, my Ultimate Playlist like any other playlist allows the listener freedom to just listen. Listening to music is part of the mystery of music. The way we hear music is in retrospect to our own reflections. Likewise, we may see colors or acquire taste in such a way that is unique to your own individuality. That’s what makes music beautiful. It’s a form of expression that breaks the deafening silence with something that can’t be explained in words. I once heard someone say, “I’ll give up my sight before giving up my ability to hear.”


Anthony Miller

WPU Class of 2017

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