Taylor Desantos is a communications major with a minor in music management at William Paterson University. Desantos graduated from Montclair High School in 2013 and she will be graduating with her BA in communications May 2017. Desantos is currently working for Non-profit Good Girl Comeback as their public relations intern.

Author Taylor Desantos
Author Taylor Desantos


Music is Power – Why I Think Music Holds the Key

One of the biggest reasons my love for music has grown over the years is because I’ve gotten to see first hand the power it holds. Music holds this very power for many reasons, depending on who you talk to of course. In my opinion a few reasons why music has so much power is that it has the ability to effortlessly change your mood. Secondly music reaches everywhere so it can connect people from all over the world.

Music and the mind, connected all the time.

I can speak from experience when I say that music can take you to another place emotionally. It can also evoke the emotion you are feeling at an exact moment in time. I’ve seen moods completely change once a certain songs came on because someone couldn’t resist singing the words. The reason music have this ability is much greater than them being sung by our favorite artist. Music is able to release a certain energy that we can feel. Now I’m sure there’s some type of way to explain it psychologically but I study communications and music management so science isn’t my strong suit.

Bad Day? Click Away!

New music? Yes!

Now tell me this, how are you feeling right now? Are you, happy, sad, angry, hopeful? What if I told you that with the stoke of a few keys and few clicks later you could find a song that will speak directly to you.

The music that we hear on the daily basis is created by human beings that are just like us. So at the end of the day they feel the same basic emotions that we do and often how they express it is through music. Therefor not only are we able to relate to the music we hear but artist and songwriters are also given an outlet using their talents.

 Music Bringing Us Closer

Music can connect us as people in many different ways. From liking similar artist to the words of a hit song being well known across the world. Everyone is capable of opening themselves up to feel the power of music. A superstar artist like Michael Jackson can go overseas and perform in China a place where less than one percent speaks English but they will all know the words to his songs. Now although I’ve never met someone born in China I already have something that I feel connects me to them. This can be especially true for those that play instruments, there’s just a certain kind of connection when a group of people are playing together. This is often completely different from when someone is playing on their own.


Music For Education

Those that have never had a teacher growing up create a song to help understand something were surely missing out. Music is a tool that can be used for memorization. Many people still until this day can recall songs they learned when the were younger. There are so many great education benefits that music has, especially when it comes to children. Music has proven to improve test scores, enhance the learning process, and have created less aggressive students in classroom proves how powerful it is.

I can honestly tell stories for days explaining why music is so powerful and how it has been so monumental in my life. From the way it makes me feel to when I looked forward to my music classes in elementary school. All in all, I couldn’t imagine what this would would be like it it weren’t for the sound of music filling out hearts, minds, and souls. If that doesn’t give you a glimpse of how powerful music can be I don’t know what would.

Here’s a playlist of songs I can’t resist singing to no matter what mood I’m in:

-Taylor Desantos

WPU ’17

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