Performing at William Paterson 2017 Pop Showcase

I’m Tim Stecher, Popular Music Studies major at William Paterson University. I’m from Somers Point, NJ, went to Mainland Regional High School, and received an associates degree in General Studies from Atlantic Cape Community College. 

A Modern Blend of American Music: Bruce Hornsby’s Influence

Why music?

Music is an endless source of wonder, inspiration, and perspective. I perform and write my own songs and one day I’d also like to be a music teacher. It’s fascinating to me that I can always continue to learn new things about music. Music to me is every area of study combined into one, especially dealing with the roots of popular music and the art of songwriting. It’s important to me to be aware of music history and the cultural effects of popular musical works.

Who inspires you?

Bruce Hornsby pictured with a dulcimer (2016)

Bruce Hornsby is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist mainly known for playing piano. He is an excellent musician and his work teaches me to always explore new musical ideas in songwriting and collaboration. It’s important as an artist to always evolve your sound as you are growing and learning in life. His songs are serious and heartfelt with tinges of jazz, classical, gospel, rock & roll, R&B, and country influences.

Some Bruce Hornsby shows are with a full band and some are solo piano. It’s powerful the way his songs fill a room with immense warmness and spirit. One day, I hope to capture in my own songwriting. I think that his lyrics and musical style both contain a lush blend of American history and culture going back hundreds of years up to present day.

My appreciation for music goes deep. Music exploration and discovery is one of my favorite pastimes. Below is a Spotify playlist of my experience of discovering new music throughout my life, from watching TV and movies as a young child to music my parents played around the house, to trying to fit in a social scene in middle school and music I connected with through video games, to way up until present day where I’m still discovering the music that I connect with the most. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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