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Melanie Martinez: The Voice of Our Generation

By: Evangelea Bourinaris


Melanie Martinez is one of the most unique and controversial artists of today’s music industry. Melanie was born in Astoria Queens, New York on April 28, 1995. She was first recognized by the public with her submission to the MSG Varsity Talent show during her junior year of high school. After high school, Melanie Martinez decided to try out for the television program, The Voice, in 2012. Martinez auditioned with the song, Toxic, by Britney Spears. From the moment she performed this nontraditional version of Toxic, all eyes have been on her ever since.

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As an artist, Melanie Martinez is considered to be one the most popular Electropop artists of our time. Her songs consist of strong lyrical content that is both provocative and honest. Melanie’s beats however, are different than most pop artists.

With her use of R&B elements (commonly found in the underlying beats of her songs), Melanie Martinez has created a melancholy sound that is both frightening, yet incredibly appealing to the ears.  Along with the title of singer-songwriter, Martinez also directs her own music videos and is a photographer.

Cry Baby

After her success on The Voice, Melanie Martinez released her first studio album titled, Cry Baby. The album was released on August 14, 2015 by Atlantic Records. In total, there are thirteen tracks on Cry Baby; all of which serve as a time period in Martinez’s waking life. You see, Melanie Martinez created this concept album based on a character she created named, Cry Baby. This character is very insecure and childlike in the beginning of the album.

However, towards the end of the album, Cry Baby becomes more confident in herself and realizes that it is okay to be weird. In countless interviews, Melanie has revealed that the character, Cry Baby, is based around herself and her many struggles growing up in Baldwin, New York on Long Island. The album, Cry Baby is very personal to Martinez and reveals the central theme that, everything and everyone are not as they seem to be.

Melanie’s Mark 

As a fellow Electropop artist myself, I absolutely love Melanie Martinez’s music. It just makes sense to me because I write my own songs from a very personal place as well. Her lyrics are always unbelievably raw and almost make her fans feel uncomfortable, yet sorry for her. Melanie always chooses to live on the path that is less traveled by and loves to promote individuality. Likewise, I tend to write from a more vulnerable standpoint. So, I can greatly relate to her because I write lyrics that can seem unsettling at times, but very truthful.  Thus, I understand the many challenges that Melanie has faced in her life.

Melanie Martinez at Gramercy Theater, 2/15/2014

Along with musical and lyrical similarities, Melanie is exactly one month younger than me. It gives me so much motivation to see that this powerful, young woman is working hard at doing what she loves in a predominantly male-driven industry. With the exception of Lady Gaga, there are not many female artists like Melanie Martinez. Most end up conforming with their label; which causes them to change their entire image and outlook of the world. Melanie does the opposite.

From her out-of-the-box wardrobe, to her exceptional songwriting style, Melanie Martinez always strives to stand out and preaches this to her fans.Her story has given me the courage to follow my own heart and pursue my dream of becoming a professional singer-songwriter. In conclusion, the true moral to any story, is to always remain true to yourself and according to Melanie Martinez, “…All the best people are crazy” (Mad Hatter By: Melanie Martinez).

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