Myself, Luke Davis, trying to be dreamy.

My name is Luke Davis and the power of music is real and all around us! I grew up in Clinton New Jersey, about an hour north from William Paterson. I went to North Hunterdon High school and was very involved with the orchestra as well as marching band as a percussionist. Now twenty, I am a sophomore at William Paterson and am a Popular Music Major. Interestingly enough, even though drumming has consumed most of my time here I didn’t commit with the intent to really focus on drums much again. I wanted to be a singer songwriter, and still do! But having ran into many opportunities due to being so involved with drums in the past, my songwriting has slowed down since. I committed to William Paterson for to improve myself as an overall artist. Music has made me who I am today and will continue to do so for the rest of my life!

Luke Davis – The Power of Music is Real and All Around Us.

Whether it’s Kanye or Beethoven, music strikes a chord with everyone. Some forms or genres of music create happiness and give people positive vibes. Others may be depressing and make some cry. Whatever emotion it creates, the music makes that person remember a time in their life where they felt that very emotion. Not many things can do that. For many its  an escape, almost a drug. Many use it to cope with situations in their life and therapists even use it as method of therapy. The moment you feel goosebumps all across your arms, you know that song is going to be on one of your playlists.

When you and your best friends song come on.

But there are many levels to which music has power. For some they just listen to the radio while driving or listen to a few artists. They listen to them to occupy time or their minds during mundane situations like driving.A step above, their are some who listen to music frequently, maybe have a favorite artist. Maybe even go see a few concerts and sing along. Finally, there are the die hards like myself. Two types being fanatics of music, and actual performers.For me as a performer, I am thinking about music where ever I go. Even if there isn’t any music. Being a drummer, I’m tapping new rudiments anywhere and everywhere. Hitting pencils on my desks and chairs, I annoy everyone around me. Whenever I hear songs I pull them apart, seeing not only how they were performed but produced, something that common listens don’t do but fanatics understand. Music is my life, as well as many others. Many are unsure of what they will do with their future but I don’t have any other option. Like thousands of others, music is the only thing I feel true passion for. 


The power of music can bring thousands together in peaceful protest, to change a cause, or can create a mosh pit just so you can let some anger out. The power of music is real. And for people like me its all I know. We’re easy to pick out of a crowd. I truly believe when someone says they don’t like music, they just haven’t found theirs yet. Thats like saying you don’t like food, for me I couldn’t comprehend it. However everyone does have their thing and maybe the really don’t. But music is something that is going to be a part of your life almost anywhere you go. To leave you off with some actual music, below I have a playlist of ten different genres that I listen to, some you may love, and some you will definitely hate! However, everyone has their own preference, that’s why there is power in music. There is something for everyone. 


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