My name is Taylor Turner, and I am a popular music major and a business administration minor. I am from a small town in South Jersey called Clarksboro, and I went to high school at Kingsway Regional High School, in Woolwich, New Jersey.  I go to William Paterson for many different reasons, but an obvious factor would have to be its flourishing music business program. Once I figured out that I wanted to go into music, I scoured a lot of lists boasting the best music business schools, and time and time again William Paterson showed up. That’s when I knew I had to come here, and I have not regretted my decision since.  

It’s Just A Spark: How Paramore Ignited My Music Career

By, Taylor Turner

The song just started playing, and I was hooked. The guitars, the drums, the intensity: it all took me by surprise. I had never heard anything like it before.

In June 2009, my parents divorced. I was 11-years-old, and I was just finishing up 5th grade. The news did not openly devastate me, but I knew that my life was going to change forever in some pretty major ways. I moved to a new town that same month, and then I started 6th grade that September at a new school. Around this time in my life, I began discovering music for myself.

In late November, I came across a song called “Brick By Boring Brick” by the band Paramore on YouTube. I had heard of Paramore before, but I really only knew “That’s What You Get” from their 2007 album Riot!. Anyway, the thumbnail looked pretty interesting, so I clicked on it.


The song just started playing, and I was hooked. The guitars, the drums, the intensity: it all took me by surprise. I had never heard anything like it before. Previously, I had more interest in metal bands such as Disturbed and Korn, so something this comfortable to listen to was somewhat bizarre for me. I had finally found what was missing in my life.

The album cover for Brand New Eyes

Brand New Eyes effectively changed my life. The lyrical content, the instrumentals, the live performances, and the music videos all opened me up to a world of which I had only scratched the surface. This was the first album I bought in full and learned every single song by heart. The songs “Careful” and “Turn It Off” became the anthems of my 7th grade year. 

During such a rocky time in my life, Paramore came to my rescue. I heavily related to the amount of tension both in their lyrics and in their actual band. 

After exploring the breadth of their discography, I went into other bands within the genre and I found a home there. I knew that alternative rock was where I wanted to be.

In October 2011, I decided to start taking singing lessons. I knew I could not sing like Hayley Williams, so that was not the goal. However, I knew that I wanted more involvement in music. I wanted to be committed like Paramore, and I wanted to love music like they did.

In high school, I picked up guitar and ukulele, which really allowed me to interact with music rather well. Of course, I covered as many Paramore songs as I could vocally and instrumentally handle. I performed their songs in concerts, and even auditioned for college with “Misguided Ghosts.”  I attended one of their concerts in May 2013, and another one in October 2017 with even more enthusiasm. 

Lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams

This band always remained a constant throughout all my musical phases. Each album they came out with always related to me in some way. Even if I stopped listening to them for a while, a song of theirs was always my go-to favorite when someone asked. 

Paramore does not influence my actual music style, but they influenced my attachment and dedication to music. I want to work in the music industry because I want to help facilitate wonderful music like the kind they create. 



Here is a playlist of Paramore songs and a couple songs by Kina Grannis, who more so influences my songwriting and singing style more than my general involvement in music. I also included a few Panic! At the Disco songs because their song “Always” helped me get into college! Enjoy!


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