Hey there, I’m Kaitlyn Sperduto. I’m nineteen years old and I’m from a small town in Roxbury Township, NJ. I’m a sophomore at William Paterson University majoring in Accounting with a minor in Music Management. I aspire to either be an accountant at one of the “big four” accounting firms or work on the business side of a record label in the big apple.


How Music Changed My Life



Pop Art of Headphones


It all began in the third grade, when we were forced to join choir and learn how to play the recorder. That choir class was filled with annoyed kids because they hated singing, and didn’t want to make music. Out of the thirty-five or so kids in that class, about six of us actually wanted to be there. For those of us who did, this was the start to our love of music.

The next year I auditioned for both band and choir, and was lucky enough to have made it into those select groups. From third grade to today, each year of school I have always taken part of some band quartet or vocal group, getting more serious with the choirs when I got to high school.

During my freshman year I made so many new friends because of music, whether it be because we were in the same choir, liked the same music, or just shared a love for songs that not many could relate to. Music has led me to some of my best friends, coworkers, and just some of the greatest people I have ever met; all because of this crazy power it has.

Present Day Effect Music Has On Me



Music has this indescribable power to bring people together, and let them all care for the same songs no matter their ethnicity, gender, or background. Music is a uniting force that people need to appreciate more than they normally do. Music has the power to make people laugh, smile, cry, basically feel something; one thing that a lot of other “hobbies” are unable to do.

Today, I have so many friends from all of the choirs I participated in, have made awesome connections networking with people in the music industry, and have learned so much from my music teachers. I am so grateful for everything that my love for singing and music has given me the opportunity to do.



John Mayer

One artist by only releasing one song this year – the last one he released was three years ago – has already made a huge comeback in the few weeks that the song has been out; this artist is John Mayer. To lighten the mood, i’m including a meme I made that relates to his newly released song, Love on the Weekend.

John Mayer is known for his love of guitar, smooth tones, and lyrics that can make you cry. His new song is one that will definitely be nominated for a Grammy award in the 2017 year.



To share my love of what I think are the Top 10 Songs of 2016, below is a YouTube playlist I made including those songs including ones by artists like Lady Gaga and Tor Miller:


All in all, music has changed my life in so many ways I can’t even count them all. I am forever in debt to all of the opportunities and events in my life that have been possible because of music. Without music, I’m not sure where I would be today.

To once again lighten the mood and share a moment I saw live this past Friday, here is a gif of Justin Bieber asking someone behind the stage to make it rain on him and who could deny that of the one and only Justin Bieber?

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