Ashley Weltner is a graduate of Morris Knolls High school, who has decided to continue her education at William Paterson University because of their superb music program. She dabbles in music journalism as as being a student.

This is your author, Ashley Weltner
This is your author, Ashley Weltner

How Music Can Make You Go From Sad To Happy

By: Ashley Weltner

Music can be very powerful, one thing it can help change specifically is your emotions. Music can make you feel so many different emotions. It can make you feel happy or sad, or even cheer you up when you’re upset. This can be attained by both playing music, listening to it, or seeing it live.


Playing Music

Playing music can be a natural high to some, it can really help improve their mood. It’s like playing it puts them in a whole different world where it is just the sheet music, their instrument, and them; as if nothing can hurt them at all. Musicians use music as an escape from the outside world. Just playing music can really improve their mood which results in a happier and healthier musician.


Listening to Music

Listening to music can affect one’s emotions and help turn a bad day into a good one. Whether it be listening to a sad album while being sad because it helps sympathize with your bad mood or listening to a really happy album because you’re so happy and need to express it in some really exciting way. I have compiled the ultimate playlist for turning sad to happy and it has the perfect combination of both sad and happy songs to help with changing your mood. It has songs from bands Real Friends, Balance and Composure, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy. These are just a few of the bands that have the power to help improve your mood.

Live Music Performances

Yellowcard Preforming at a Festival

Seeing music live is the most exhilarating experience that a music fan can have. Singing along with the musicians on the stage and dancing in the same room as others who love it can really help improve your mood. One of the best things is knowing that the other concertgoers love the music as much as you do. Here is a playlist of live music that will help you improve your mood and get into the spirit of a live show.



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