Louisa Correa is a student at William Paterson University, received her DDS degree from Georgetown University in 1990. She completed her B.S in science in St. John’s University in 1986. She is currently working on her MBA in music management from William Paterson University in 2018. You can find Louisa at Sunrise Dental Group in NJ, of which she has been an owner for 27 years.  Louisa is part of Latin pop artist Matt Hunter’s management team.

How “Despacito” Slowly Took Over the Summer of 2017

(Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi in the neighborhood, La Perla in San Juan, PR)

Despacito is now the single most watched YouTube video of all time and is also the first Spanish song to make it to the top 100 since “Macarena” 20 years age. Despacito currently has 3.7 billion views and continues to go up. The song is a sensation and it has spread pervasively around the world. Fans from around the world have been inspired by Despacito and the song has been translated into many languages, but people who don’t speak Spanish have been posting videos and social posting on social media about the song. The song was written by latin artist, Luis Fonzi, and Erica Ender both Latin Grammy award winners. Fonzi had a basic idea of the rhythm and the lyrics, and got together with Ender and Despacito was completed in a four-hour writing session.

They realized that they needed a modern twist to a classic song and chose reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee to feature. The song quickly grew in popularity in Latin countries as well as the U.S Hispanic population. But the global sensation that the song would become was more a gradual process. Justin Bieber was touring in Colombia, South America. When he heard the song at a local club, Justin was impressed with the songs reception that night, which motivated him to want to do the remix. Originally Luis Fonsi had already anticipated the momentum the song would soon gain and had a whole English translation ready for a remix. But Justin decided to do an unorthodox remix and cut part of his vocal in Spanish, leaving the song with 90% of the lyrics in Spanish.

Despacito became the first Spanish song to make it to the top 100, at #1 for over 16 weeks. Despacito has opened the doors to an entire new genre of music, crossing over to ethnic groups and countries where before it would have never seen the light day. The video was shoot on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico which show cases the beauty of the Caribbean women. As well as the essence of the Latin culture in the island. Recently Puerto Rico has been battered by two hurricanes that caused a lot of devastation to homes, businesses, and is disrupting the lives of the people in the island. These people exude happiness, positivity,  always seeing the cup half full. This music comes from a happy place, where the energy from the music is contagious in an invigorating, enlightening way.


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