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Gaga at The Artrave 2014 at Boardwalk Hall.

Glam, Inspiration & An Electronic Escape: The Gaga Impact.

Me Performing at the NYC Marathon 11/5/17

By Xander Marx, Your awkward lil’ bro you swear was from outer space & Popstar/Meme King in training. God I love my mini social media bio. So, I’m a Pop major. Supposed to be Junior and I like singing and writing cheesy club tracks. I’m not really from Verona but actually from another dimension. HOW COOL IS THAT? Ok babies let’s get this Gaga party started… GET THIS PLAYLIST CRANKIN!


“Tonight I want you to forget all your insecurities. I want you to reject anyone or anything that’s ever made you feel like you don’t belong or don’t fit in or made you feel like you’re not good enough or pretty enough or thin enough or can’t sing well enough or dance well enough or write a song well enough or like you’ll never win a Grammy or you’ll never sell out Madison Square Garden, you just remember that you’re a goddammned superstar and you were BORN THIS WAY!”(Lady Gaga at the Monster Ball)

This voice reverberated through the Prudential Center in April 2011. Tears and sweat glistened down the chubby cheeks of awkward little 13 year old me. The anticipation was building up to this day and it paid off in an emotional explosion. Lady Gaga is the voice of the outcasts, and when it felt like no one believed in you she promises she always will.

This NYC native was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28th 1986. She has sung, danced, and played piano from a young age told herself she would be up on that stage selling out MSG.


The Inspiration

My love and attachment to her and music is a very personal journey. Even as this little 13-year-old in normal clothes walking around doing normal things I was always the weird outsider kid without trying. The minute I stepped into public school it was abundantly clear, it just never registered with me until much later in my short life so far. I always loved to sing and always loved music. I was listening to Journey and dancing around my kitchen to Donna Summer with Ma since I was three. That was always there.

Meeting Carrie Underwood in 2008

Carrie Underwood was my first musical love, with a voice of an angel who melted me away. As I started getting harassed and bullied in middle school P!nk became my voice of comfort and understanding. Then we have Kesha who helped unlocked the inner wild child in me. So what makes Lady Gaga so special? What makes her so different?

Creativity. Fearlessness. Ferocity. Innovation. Multi-faceted.

The magic of absolute empowerment and inspiration. When I feel like a miserable depressed lump sitting on a couch she always has a way to help me love myself even when I believe I can’t. Makes me get me off my ass and go rule the world and helps me conquer all my fears I pretend don’t exist. To become the Superstar she knows and she has helped me believe I can be.

Her Born This Way album is so important for me with some of my favorite songs like “Marry The Night” and “Edge of Glory”. This is an album that helped me believe in myself, however nothing would compare or could prepare me for the impact that 2013’s ARTPOP would bring.

The ARTPOP Impact

Photo taken by Grammy University 10/19/17

While still hitting number #1 on the charts, it was the most polarizing record she put out to date. Even in the fan community it’s not well received, but this album was everything for me. From the bizarre over the top artistic ambitions, to covering up deep-seated pain within multiple layers of metaphors. Every time I listen to this record I find something new.

This was the birth for my love of electronic music and also introduced me to some of my biggest influences. In my hunt for leak pre-album release, Gaga and Zedd put out a remix of his instrumental track “Stache”. This would be the first track I would hear from the person who inspired me to become a producer.

 ARTPOP was weird, bold, out there, eccentric and completely electrifying. Whenever I listen to this record I feel like I can do and create anything. (Just because I need to think up more content for the next draft) Whether it be from finding Stevie Nicks through Gaga’s role in American Horror Story, getting back in the groove of jazz because of Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett, to falling in love with Tame Impala from Kevin Parker’s work on Joanne, it just about always comes back to Gaga.

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