That’s Elyse, on your left.

Elyse Chamberlain is a talent scout for Atlantic Records, basically serving as a digital A&R for the label.  She gives excellent insight on what being an A&R means in the modern music industry.  With platforms such as SoundCloud, music is in abundance and according to Elyse, you have about 5-10 seconds to grab her, or any scout’s attention.  Tune into the podcast to find out what a talent scout does, how they are hired, and what her background in music business education did for Elyse’s future.

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Miles Franco is a MBA Music Management student at William Paterson University.  Originally from Columbia, South Carolina Miles came to WPU with a background in audio and music technology.  Tune into his podcasts to learn about A&R and music tech.  Reach him at or find him at

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