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Dear Music,

As an advocate of music who was birth into an earlier generation, I’m sure that my peers and contemporaries can agree and attest to my statement: “Music, you are no longer the same.” Yes, us advocates have all made this statement at some point along our musical journeys and shook our heads in disapproval of the dreadful sounds that somehow made its way onto the airwaves.

However, sometimes you give us songs that slip through the cracks of mediocrity. Some songs have a way of corresponding to our own definition of what you are [music] and inspired us. As we approach the year 2016, I took the time to recap on some of the top songs of 2015 that were most intriguing to me and assembled them into a playlist. I have noted a few songs in the playlist in the paragraphs below.

Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars Rocking the Set

My most favorite song of 2015 is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars; it was released in November 2014. It’s a perfect up-tempo blend of funk and hip-hop. The song samples two songs that are more than three decades apart. The first song is All Gold Everything by Trindad James (2012) and I don’t believe you want to get up and dance (Oops) by the Gap Band (1979). It is nominated for two Grammy Awards.




Next is the song Jealous by Nick Jonas. It was released in September 2014. It was the second single released on his second studio album Jealous. This is the second time Jonas’s fans are allowed to see him on a solo platform and away from his brothers. We also get to hear a great deal of Jonas’s own music penmanship on the album.

The last song I want to make note of is, Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, it was released September 2014. It is the third single released on his second studio album X. Ed Sheeran co-wrote the song with singer-songwriter Amy Wadge. It is nominated for three Grammy Awards.

Music, my playlist reflects on your diversity. It is full of crossover records and artist whose music was able to reach various audiences from different backgrounds and cultures. It traverses through multiple music genres such as Urban, Pop, Mainstream, R&B, and Dance. You have proven over and over again that you have no boundaries and that you are limitless. As H.B. Longfellow once said, Music you are the universal language of mankind.

Thank you for all your accomplishments,

Music Generation

The Musical Engine

My name is Anthony Miller and I’m currently pursuing my MBA in Music Management at William Paterson University. 

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