The Collin Banks Jazz Orchestra

Everybody loves good music. Nowadays, it seems as if good music is hard to come by. We hear the same tunes on the radio, day in and day out. Popular music of today has become redundant and stale. The Collin Banks Jazz Orchestra aims to put an end to this mediocrity and provide the world with fresh, intelligent music that evokes the soul to get up and dance.

The Collin Banks Jazz Orchestra

The CBJO (Collin Banks Jazz Orchestra) is a world-class jazz ensemble comprised of talented musicians from northern New Jersey. The band specializes in jazz music of all styles and influences ranging from straight-ahead, traditional big band jazz to more modern styles reminiscent of Bob Brookmeyer and John Fedchock. The band is lead by composer, arranger and trombonist Collin Banks.

The Collin Banks Jazz OrchestraBanks is the primary writer for the band, however he’s not the only writer in the band. Many of the musicians filling out the band are talented arrangers as well. This provides the band with a unique sound that’s unrivaled by other bands out there.

The CBJO will play in any venue, wedding, club, or any other place that is looking for good music that promotes a vibrant atmosphere. The members of the band are also skilled teachers and lessons are provided to all who are interested in becoming well-rounded musicians. All of the songs played by the band are also up for sale as well. The score and all parts are provided so anyone who wants to play them can do so.

The band’s debut CD entitled “Searching” is full of original compositions and arrangements by Collin Banks. The CD will launch this summer on iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Music, and CD Baby. If you’re a lover of music that makes you want to get up and dance, this CD is for you! Be sure to stop over at Collin’s soundcloud page to get access to some of the band’s sounds and updates on the CD and future projects!

And before you go, check out this recording of Collin’s arrangement of “New Beginnings” which he wrote for legendary vibraphonist Steve Nelson!

-Collin Banks, trombonist, composer and arranger

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