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Chris Brown New Single “Questions” Review

By Dominique Taylor


Chris Brown Red & Yellow Dance Scene

Chris Brown also known as Breezy has done it again with another hit single, “Questions”. In the past you have heard some Caribbean tempos and beats but it seems like this time around that’s the basis of his music today. This style that he is bringing to the table is something that has been around in a while but he has made it with a twist in my eyes. Being that he is an R&B artist and not a Reggae artist, his style brings the two together. And if I was to name that genre it would be Reggae and R&B or RR&B. Something to think about.

I really like this song because it brought me back to my past times listening to the sample of the original song it came from. And he brought up to date twist to it. Chris Brown vocals added to this was perfect. He really can sing and that’s the best part about it. When hearing the song you can just imagine how the video will turn out to be. The amazing choreography that was displayed was exactly how I pictured it. Keeping that island style and dances to go to the rhythm of the beat, then you have the colors and individual Caribbean cultures being displayed.

Chris Brown Group Dance Scene

Chris Brown always gives his fans and views something to look forward to when the video hits. The song is already hot.  Matching it now with a video seems to come at ease for him and I am grateful. I recommend this to be streamed and bought because if you want to break away from the usual and be yourself this song really brings that out. You get to flow with the chords and move your body to the beat. Plus, it’s a great party song and you will get props for having this on your playlist.

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