It’s Just A Spark: How Paramore Ignited My Music Career

During such a rocky time in my life, Paramore came to my rescue. I heavily related to the amount of tension both in their lyrics and in their actual band. Click to learn more about what Paramore can do for you.

Collage 2017 flyer

Video: William Paterson University Music’s “Collage! 2017”

Click to watch Collage! 2017, a production by the William Paterson University Music Department. It features everything from Pop to Jazz to Classical to Percussion. Oh, and it’s awesome. Watch!!

The Power of Live R&B

R&B music is full of soul and passion. That energy translates even more during live performances. Let’s explore performances from Beyonce’ to the Internet.

Man playing guitar

Party Like A Rock Star: Or My Favorite Flute Repertoire

Do you play the flute and like feeling like a rock star? Then click here to find out what pieces you should be playing.

My Favorite Songs – Kaitlyn Sperduto’s Ultimate Playlist

My ultimate spotify playlist consists of genres from 1950’s classic rock to today’s adult contemporary; so one might call my music taste “eclectic”. Click here to find out what artists made it to my playlist!

nina simone 1965

My Favorite Songs – Averie Washington’s Ultimate Playlist

Enjoy this article in which WP Music student Averie Washington shares her ultimate playlist of some of my favorite songs. Click to find out why she chose these songs.

My Favorite Songs – Chrissie Limos’s Ultimate Playlist

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.” Click to listen.

J Cole: More Than Just Your Average Rapper

One of the biggest musical influences in my life is Jermaine Cole better know by his stage name J Cole. Click to find out why!

Michael Morgan

Can There Be One Influence?

You can be your own biggest influence. Open your eyes to all music, art, media, and culture around you to discover how to influence yourself. Click.

Eric Clapton

Me and Mr. Clapton: Why Eric Clapton is My Biggest Musical Influence

Why Eric Clapton is my biggest musical influence as well as some brief insight into his career and the significance of his music. Click now.