WP Music Biz Program Visits Atlantic Records & The Warner Music Group

The WP Music Biz program visited the Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records on Friday, Rocktober 20th. Click to see all of the images from the day.

Video – I Want My ’80s: The Best of MTV’s Early Years Blasts “Rosanna”

Why go to “I Want My ’80s: The Best of MTV’s Early Years”? Because of the video you are about to see. Please click and be a good person. Thank you.

WP Nashville 2016 students

Music Biz Goes To Music Biz In Nashville This May

Watch two videos from William Paterson University Music Biz student Marla Cassenti as she recaps her 2016 Music Biz conference experience in Nashville. Click and see if you’re interested in going this coming May!

WP Pop Unplugged

WP’s ‘Pop Unplugged’ Tonight!

Come to WP’s Shea Center tonight, Wednesday, December 7th and experience ‘Pop Unplugged,’ an exemplary event produced and starring WP Pop students. Click!

I Want My '80s Save The Date

Save The Date: “I Want My ’80s – The Best of MTV’s Early Years”

Save the date for March 24, 2017 – that’s when some of the best of the William Paterson University Music Department’s students will rock the world in a very special show called “I Want My ’80s – The Best of MTV’s Early Years”

Warner Music Artist Services’ Dan Goldberg & Matt Young: Your 2016-2017 Resident Experts

Dan Goldberg and Matt Young of Warner Artist Music Services will serve as the 2016-2017 Visiting Resident Experts to WPU’s Music Management program. Click for full details!

MEO Showcase

MEO Showcase: Shame On You If You Missed It!!

On 11/11/14 William Paterson University’s Music Entertainment Organization (MEO) put on a showcase featuring students from this school. Here’s what you missed! Click!

Music Biz 101 & More: The Podcast With Special Guest Paul Sinclair of Atlantic Records

Paul Sinclair’s Statement On Becoming WP Visiting Resident Expert – Music Business

Paul Sinclair is the 2014/2015 William Paterson University Music Business Visiting Resident Expert. Here’s his quote upon the announcement.

Corey Glover Living Colour WP

WP Summer Camp Guest Speaker: Corey Glover of Living Colour

Corey Glover, lead singer of Living Colour, spoke to students recently at William Paterson University about songwriting and collaboration. Click for more.