Melanie Martinez: The Voice of Our Generation

Melanie Martinez is one of the most unique and controversial artists of today’s music industry. Click here to find out more about this brilliant artist.

Selena Quintanilla’s Legacy and Everlasting Influence

Selena Quintanilla is a true legend who’s legacy lives on , as she continues to break boundaries 22 years later after her passing. Click now to read how the queen of Tejano music continues to dominate the music industry.

A Modern Blend of American Music: Bruce Hornsby’s Influence

With tinges of jazz, classical, gospel, rock & roll, R&B, and country, Bruce Hornsby’s songs contain a lush blend of American history and culture. Worth a read!

Halsey and the Bottlemen: An Epic Influence

Halsey and frontman of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Van McCann have very unique ways of doing things. That uniqueness influences many on the daily. Click here to read a first-hand account of their influence!

Surviving the Condition of Being a Woman in the Music Industry: Kesha’s Story

Kesha’s story, an ultimate example of just how powerful speaking out about injustice in the music and entertainment industry can be. Read on to be empowered!

Glam, Inspiration & An Electronic Escape: The Gaga Impact.

Click to see how Gaga kicked my butt, smeared glitter all over my face, told me to get up, smile & sing my heart out over noises from outer space.

How “Despacito” Slowly Took Over the Summer of 2017

How Despacito slowly took over the summer 2017. The most watched single video on You Tube. Click to hear the summer hit of 2017!!!

Luke Davis – The Power of Music is Real and All Around Us.

This is a blog on the Luke Davis belief in the power of music. Check out the playlist with different genres at the end. What do you think is on it?

Review of SZA's Single: The Weekend

Review of SZA’s “The Weekend”

“The Weekend,” the latest single from SZA’s Ctrl album is a soulful, yet daring solid piece of artistry. Click and read a review of SZA’s “The Weekend.” A guest post by MBA student Tauhida Smith.

Libertango, Soul of Liberty – Album Review: Soul of the Tango

Yo-Yo Ma is an incomparable cellist and composer, who has produced more than 90 albums and won 18 Grammy Awards. On his album Soul of the Tango, Ma performs Tango music perfectly. Click to hear why.