Why is Music so Powerful?

How often does music come into our lives? Why are our lives heavily affected and influenced by the music we listen to? We see music everywhere. It’s a way to express ourselves, communicate, and serve others.

Music & Mental Health

With each passing day, you hear more and more about how music has helped individuals overcome and/or cope with emotional trauma and mental illnesses, even saving lives in some cases. Dive into the stories that define turning points and the power of music here!

Music Biz Year In Review: A Money Move For Cardi B?

Cardi B has risen above the norm as a new female rapper. But was signing a million-dollar publishing deal the right way to go? Click to find out more!

The Power of Music and How it Impacts our Lives.

The power of music, and its impact, is shown when a song has the ability to bring back specific memories, or help you when nothing else can. Click to find out which song of 2017 showed the power and awareness music can bring to the world!

Artists for Haiti: The Collaborative Project That Brought Together Thousands

We Are the World: Artists for Haiti is a collaborative re-imagination of the original recording of the song, produced by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson, that has continued to inspire and affect change across the world.

We Need Music: The Importance of Music Education

We don’t only need music so we can listen to something on the ride to work. We don’t only need music to pump up a party on a Saturday night. We need music for survival.

Music Biz Year In Review: Royalty Flow – An Alternative Investment

On November 27th, 2017, Royalty Flow announced that in its Regulation A+ IPO, fans or investors are able to buy shares. Royalty Flow intends to raise $11 million during the IPO. Click to see what this is all about.

iTunes: The End of an Era

For over a year, rumors have been circulating that Apple has been planning to terminate its iTunes store to shift its focus towards streaming. But now, after purchasing Shazam for $400 million, it’s official – no more iTunes. Read to find out what’s happening to your collection of downloads!

The Mystery Inside the Music Of Jeff Buckley

The music of Jeff Buckley is one of a kind. Blending everything from Led Zeppelin to Joni Mitchell, he created an unbelievably unique sound in his music.

Taylor Swift Helped Me “Shake It Off”

Ever wonder what lies beyond all the drama surrounding Taylor Swift’s name? Click here to see how her music impacted my life and my musical career!