Music Biz Going Back To Music Biz In 2018

Music Biz Going Back To Music Biz In 2018 That’s right!  For a third consecutive year, William Paterson University’s Music Biz folks are going to the Music Biz 2018 in Nashville.  You can go with us!  Just sign up for the summer class called The Nashville Music Biz.  We have both undergrad and MBA classes…

A Backstage Pass to Supermensch

Shep Gordon’s memoir takes readers along with him through numerous journeys within the world of entertainment. Click for a backstage pass to Supermensch!

Reaction: Old Taylor Swift Fans Denounce Her Current Pop Persona

Your Professor David Kirk Philp was quoted (again) about Taylor Swift and her switch from country to pop. Why the obsession? And what’s next for Ms. Swift? Click to read.

Thoughts About Miley Cyrus, Album Sales, & Hype

Reaction: Like It Or Not, Taylor Swift Is On To Something With Her Streaming Strategy

If you didn’t know (or care), Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, is not available on streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music.  Instead, you need to buy physical product or download it.  Why? Click to understand it all.

The Entercom/CBS Radio Merger: What Does It Mean For You?

There was an Entercom/CBS Radio merger last week which may affect you more than you know. What should you read into this? Click for comments from radio vets and some interesting commentary.

5 Lessons From a Supermensch

Shep Gordon’s autobiography, “They Call Me Supermensch,” details the success and misadventures of his career as an artist manager beginning in the 1970s. Read to discover lessons you can use to improve your band’s career!

An Interview With Public Relations Vet George Dassinger

Click and read an interesting feature about George Dassinger, a veteran rock music public relations dude. He talks about his career and new charity work. Did we say click? We’re asking again.

Meet the Managers Steering the Careers of Madonna, U2, & More

Many top artist managers either run large companies that represent multiple artists or, like in the article inside this link, are a collection of companies that join forces to represent top artists. Click and learn how it all works.

Pink’s New Secret Weapon? Visiting Spotify Around The World

Traditionally, an artist promoting a new album would visit radio stations, doing interviews on the air and charming executives with stories, autographs, and photo ops. Pink is doing something different. Click!

Win Warner Music Group Stuff – NOW!!

Want to win some cool stuff from the Warner Music Group? Click and see how easy it is! Go on. It won’t hurt at all.