Brian Schechter, Current Palisades & Former My Chemical Romance Manager: This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Brian Schechter, original manager of My Chemical Romance and current manager of Palisades, is this week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show guest. Click to stream live!

Nashville Songwriter Calynn Green – This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Calynn Green, Nashville-based singer/songwriter, joins Music Biz 101 & More in a wide-ranging interview about writing, process, and the business side. Click!

How Did Tim McGraw’s “Humble And Kind” Become A Hit? – This Week’s Radio Show

This week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show features James Stewart, the marketing director behind Tim McGraw’s hit “Humble And Kind.” Click to stream!

Former Pink Floyd Manager Peter Jenner – Tonight’s Radio Show Guest

Peter Jenner, former manager of Pink Floyd and the Clash, talks on this week’s radio show. It’s a wild, funny interview and he has a funny accent. Click and be happy!

Tour Manager Charity Lomax – This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Charity Lomax, who has been the tour manager for The Eagles, Van Halen, Christina Aguilera, and more, tells us everything you need to know about this job! You MUST listen to this one!

Indie Artist SaulPaul & Warner’s Alix Kram: This Week’s Radio Show Guests

SaulPaul, “artist with a message,” and Alix Kram, VP at Warner Artist Music Services, offer thoughts and advice about today’s music industry. Click to stream live!

WMG’s Katelyn Drozd: This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Katelyn Drozd, Director of Talent Acquisition at the Warner Music Group (WMG), is this week’s radio show guest. How does one get a job there? Click & stream live!

WEA’s VP of Sales, Billy Fields: This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Click to stream this week’s radio show, feature WEA VP of Sales Billy Fields. He gives us the goods on breaking into the biz and how to stay! It’s worth every second of your time.

Steve-O Robertson – Atlantic Records VP of A&R: This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Listen Wednesday, July 12th, at 8PM EST to hear Atlantic Records VP of A&R Steve-O Robertson talk all about who they sign and why. It’s a must-listen! Click and stream!!

Concord’s Grover Biery & Pandora’s Heather Ellis: This Week’s Radio Show Guests

Join Music Biz 101 & More tonight to hear interviews with Grover Biery, head of streaming at Concord Music, and Heather Ellis, manager of artist marketing at Pandora. Click to stream!