iTunes: The End of an Era

For over a year, rumors have been circulating that Apple has been planning to terminate its iTunes store to shift its focus towards streaming. But now, after purchasing Shazam for $400 million, it’s official – no more iTunes. Read to find out what’s happening to your collection of downloads!

5 Lessons From a Supermensch

Shep Gordon’s autobiography, “They Call Me Supermensch,” details the success and misadventures of his career as an artist manager beginning in the 1970s. Read to discover lessons you can use to improve your band’s career!

Album Review: Jack Garratt “Phase (Deluxe)”

With his debut album, “Phase,” Jack Garratt garnered critical acclaim in the UK for his soulful vocals sung over hard-hitting electronica. Click and read more about “Phase (Deluxe),” the extended album.