WPU Music Biz Student: Christine Soriano’s Spotify Playlist

WPU Music Biz Student Christine Soriano's Spotify Playlist

Don’t you love when a song tells a story about your life that very moment? I’ve had so many different phases in my life when a certain song related to a situation I was going through. Click on the link to see what I love – then tell me what you love.

WPU Music Biz Student: Zacharia Matari

WPU MUsic Biz Student Zach Matari

True Talent, Old Soul, and Striving passion. All three characteristics that Pop/R&B singer/Songwriter, Zach Matari holds to make it big in such a vast industry. He got the chance to perform with fifth Harmony and R5 and recently opened up for Mr. You-Should-Let-Me-Love-You himself, Mario.