Former Pink Floyd Manager Peter Jenner – Tonight’s Radio Show Guest

Peter Jenner, former manager of Pink Floyd and the Clash, talks on this week’s radio show. It’s a wild, funny interview and he has a funny accent. Click and be happy!

Your Music Biz 101 Wrap Up: Week of August 14

Here’s your weekly wrap up, from some words of wisdom of Radiohead’s manager to how to get started managing and more! You should click right around now.

Q&A – I Was Asked To Manage Someone. How Do I Get Started?

A guy in the esports gaming world was asked to manage some gamers. He knew it could be like managing a band, but where to start? Click for our answer.

Reaction: Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen Just Doesn’t Get It (Or Does He?)

In a recent interview, Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen complained that his royalties aren’t the same as in the past. We did the math. It ain’t pretty. Click.

Reaction: New Streaming Payout Analysis

What kind of streaming payout can you get from Spotify or YouTube? This new analysis breaks it down. You may be surprised at the results. Click!

Tour Manager Charity Lomax – This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Charity Lomax, who has been the tour manager for The Eagles, Van Halen, Christina Aguilera, and more, tells us everything you need to know about this job! You MUST listen to this one!

Your Music Biz 101 Wrap Up: Week of August 7

Here’s the best Music Biz 101 Wrap Up you could want this week, featuring streaming payouts, royalty auctions, Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” history & More! Oh, please click.

Reaction: ‘See You Again’ Backup Singer Auctions Off Royalties

If you were a backup singer on ‘See You Again,’ how would you make money? Click and read this to understand the process of auctioning off royalties to performance or songwriting royalties.

Music Biz 101 & More Harvey Leeds

Managing Your Band: The Harvey Leeds Interview

Southside Johnny manager Harvey Leeds talks about his years at Epic Records, how he got to manage Southside Johnny, contracts vs. handshakes, and more. Click! Presented by Managing Your Band: 6th Edition.

Indie Artist SaulPaul & Warner’s Alix Kram: This Week’s Radio Show Guests

SaulPaul, “artist with a message,” and Alix Kram, VP at Warner Artist Music Services, offer thoughts and advice about today’s music industry. Click to stream live!