Ashley Weltner is a graduate of Morris Knolls High school, who has decided to continue her education at William Paterson University because of their superb music program. She dabbles in music journalism as well as being a student.

All Time Low: Inspiring Young Musicians

By Ashley Weltner


All Time Low is a band who has been around for over 10 years. They started in Baltimore while they were in high school and began growing as a band. The band signed to Hopeless Records right after they graduated. They made one album with Interscope Records after signing with them in 2011, however they left after that album and returned back to Hopeless.


One of the thing I love about All Time Low is that they are dedicated to their fans, and give them credit for helping them get this big. They are constantly doing special things for their fans, like meet and greets or even music videos. After they won the award for best fan base they sent all the members of their online fan website awards to show how much they appreciated that they voted for them and helped them win their award. In their music video Missing You, they included them Skyping with fans and talking with them like they are equals. This is big because some bands after they become famous develop a rock star attitude, this shows why they are so different from others.

All Time Low is also versatile with the way they write their music. They have written in other styles before which really displays the talent of the band. It is very important to expand the style of music because a band can’t make the same album every time, this is boring, and doesn’t allow the band to grow, even if it sells albums. Their ability to do this shows how talented they are as well as how hard they work.


All Time Low is my inspiration because they are both serious and have fun with things at the same time. They aren’t all business and show that they really love what they do, which is great to see. In their live show they always joke around which is always entertaining. Also at their live shows they always give their crew credit which is great because not a lot of bands will acknowledge their crew and how hard they work. I am inspired by All Time Low because they are down to earth and really love making music because they like making it, not just because of money and this is really refreshing to see.


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