Adam Lambert - Bringing People Together From Around the World
Adam Lambert - Bringing People Together From Around the World
Photo by Melanie Gomez (click for full HD image)

My name is Melanie Gomez and I’m a print journalism major and music management minor.  I loved music since I was little because it was always a way me and my family bonded, as well as a way to express myself on my own time as I got older.  I’m not a singer and I don’t play an instrument, so I found my way to be a part of the industry by getting to write about the music I love in various reviews and through my concert photography.

Out of the many artists that I love, one of the ones that mean a lot to me is Adam Lambert because both me and my mom like him, so it’s a way that we get to bond over music and concerts.

After going to many of his shows with her (like getting to see him 4 days in one week in New York City) I got to see how people came together from all over the world and saw each other face to face, some possibly for the first time ever after knowing each other on social media.

While waiting for Adam outside in New York City for his iHeartRadio show my mom and I met Inna Nikituk, (47) who was asking about the show since she didn’t have a pass.

As she was asking my mom her question my mom noticed she had an accent and was Russian, and my mom spoke Russian too.  Long story short, they kept in contact and now whenever she travels here from Russia to see Adam we meet up to enjoy the music together.

Inna said, “Even in the absence of promotion over here, Adam has a high rating in Russia.  Thanks to Adam I saw other continents and countries and met wonderful people.”

I met Jamie Lynn Smith (22) at the iHeartRadio show as well who came from Canada to see Adam.  She explained to me saying,  “So I’ve been a fangirl for quite some years of various people.  One of the quickest ways I’ve been able to make connections and friends is through being a fan of Adam!  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve managed to connect with through the fandom, all because we share a love and adoration for this lovely man.  I’ve had some of my best travels with my little group of Glambert friends, and I hope as Adam continues his career, I can continue making new friends!”

Another fan I met at that same show, Tiffany Aguilera (19) said, “Because of Adam I was able to meet my best friend Jennifer.  It’s because of Adam that we started talking and soon talking about Adam turned into realizing we actually found out we actually have a lot more in common and I was able to find a true friend.”

She continued saying, “Also Adam in general has helped me to meet so many amazing people (like you guys) who are just fun and comfortable to hang out with. And I think it is because of Adam we are all able to just get along so easily and are comfortable with each other because it’s like we all share a bond together because of him.”

After the iHeartRadio show finished I met another one of his fans, Esti Showell (32.)  She said, “I started getting into Adam since his first Idol audition, and when the live shows started, I created my Twitter account so I can follow him.  That’s when I started talking to my Danish friend Malene, who introduced me to Rebecca and we kept talking almost daily from then on.”

She continued saying, “When Adam went on his first tour, we decided we need to meet and made a plan to go see him at his 3 UK shows.  Over there Malene and Becca introduced me to Stine, and later on to Ani and Vanessa (both from Argentina.)  We had the time of our lives, managed to get up to the front row every time.  We all got to meet Adam and hang out with his band, which was really fun!  We’re all still in touch to this day and always dream of making that week happen again.  I love these girls dearly, they are amongst my best friends and I think we formed a friendship for life, all thanks to Adam and his insane talent!”

What many people love about Adam Lambert is that he isn’t afraid to be himself, saying things like, “I’m proud of my sexuality.  I embrace it.  It’s just another part of me,” and that’s just one of the many things that people gain from being a Glambert, and why he’s one of the many artists I love.  He’s a perfect example of how music can help people bond together, while being yourself.

Adam Lambert - Bringing People Together From Around the World
Photo by Melanie Gomez (click for HD image)
Adam Lambert - Bringing People Together From Around the World
Photo by Melanie Gomez (click for full HD image)

Feel free to comment below and share YOUR story of how Adam Lambert brought you together with someone in your life. 


Check out Adam’s latest video below!

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– WPU Class of ’16

9 Replies to “Adam Lambert – Bringing People Together Around the World”

  1. Melanie, the story that you wrote really hit me. I also have made a best friend thru Adam. She lives in Ohio and I live in S Florida. We have met-she comes to S Florida for yearly vacations with her family, but one day she and I get together and have an Adam day. We go out to lunch, we exchange gifts for Adam’s birthday. We have been to 5 concerts together–one in Dallas Texas Tango where we met Adam (she had already met him once before me), NYE together in Oklahoma, Miami Beach Gay Pride where he got the key to the city and 2 Adam and Queen concerts. I have a group of Glamberts in S Florida that we get together for Adam’s birthday and exchange gifts and listen to his music or like this year we got together when his album came out. We also went together to 2 different shows this past summer–we had to call in to a radio station to win tickets–there are like 10 of us and we all managed to get in to see Adam. It was AMAZING!! And we were right in the front right at the stage. I have met many Glamberts in person or thru Facebook or Twitter, It really is amazing what this man has done to us and for us. He has helped many people thru addictions and heartache. I don’t think any other artist has done what Adam has done for his fans. I didn’t even watch him on Idol. I saw him on the Ellen DeGeneres show, he sang Whatya Want From Me and I fell in love!!!
    Thank you Melanie for this amazing story. I would like to follow you on twitter and facebook if you are on it. My twitter name is: @RobinDutcher1 and my Facebook name is Robin Dutcher.

      1. That’s great to hear! It’s nice to see a Glambert who found him after American Idol, and was inspired by him just as much. I also won from a radio station in the summer for Adam’s secret location show in NYC, and got to be in the front after waiting for hours outside. I can only imagine if it was the same show, that’d be awesome. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ll be sure to connect with you. I’m glad you liked the article. <3

  2. Melanie, you must have been right next to me at GMA! I had the same view as your pictures up there! what a fun show! I won on the fan club on Wed. called my friend, Linda in Houston, drove to Houston, flew to NYC with Linda on Thurs. then to the show on Friday! Great article!!

    1. I think you may have been in front of me I remember hearing someone mention Texas! I agree the show was SO much fun. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the article =)

  3. I’ve made a lifelong friend of a gal from Madagascar. We have shared pictures of each other, of our families, and we are in constant contact via computer. We have exchanged gifts for each other and our children and my grandchildren. We think so much alike that we both claim that we have one brain we are sharing. We have the same sense of humor and send each other jokes (both clean and dirty). My life would be less without her in it. We have great love for Adam and his voice and his character. I don’t know if we will ever meet in person but she is in my heart at all times. Only Adam could have made this happen to my life. I have learned so much from Adam and discovered so much about myself. I am grateful everyday that I was watching American Idol when he walked around the corner to audition. I knew the moment I saw him that my life would change and it did. I felt his sweet spirit immediately.

  4. I only discovered Adam in 2012 and I HAD to join twitter to talk to SOMEONE about this amazing man. Then about 8 of us, in San Antonio, Texas, The AlamoBerts started having regular lunches, traveling to see him, it is just the loveliest thing, you have an INSTANT connection to other Glamberts…you speak the same language [GlamSpeak] and you know all the same inside jokes [kale, corn-on-the-cob, parking meter, Mitzi]
    It is such a supportive fandom and this amazing insanely talented lovely human being is at the center.

    So many others in the music business could take a lesson from Adam on how to treat people

    1. Nothing is better than meeting people who know exactly how you feel =) I find myself going to his shows and people who don’t know me instantly say “Glambert?!,” and start talking to me about him as if I knew them forever.

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