The Original Music Festival in China ( WPU Student Muxi Zhao’s Business Plan)

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The Original Music Festival in China

        The Original Music Festival is hosted by Modern Sky Entertainment Co., Ltd. It is another grand music festival like Strawberry Music Festival. The Original Music Festival will be held on May 1st to May 3rd, at Shenyang Olympic Sports Center Stadium. It is the first session of the Original Music Festival. The Modern Sky will associate with the Liaoning Television Station and many other media companies. With the development of the Chinese economy, people are paying more attention to the new music. Especially in recent years, the original music has received more attention in the young generation. According to the market needs, the Modern Sky will hold another grand music festival after Strawberry Music Festival. The Original Music Festival will offer people an unprecedented experience and an audio-visual feast.


        Modern Sky Entertainment Co., Ltd is the largest music Indie-label in China. Since its foundation, Modern Sky has been being dedicated to “promoting the integrated international music”, not only by promoting domestic new music to the world, but also by introducing excellent foreign music to China, so as to create a better environment for the development of Chinese new music. With a set of brand new concepts, Modern Sky is becoming a comprehensive entertainment corporation in China, whose branch labels are covering music, magazine, graphic design and video productions. Its keen sense and fresh mode of operation have set up a new business system for the Chinese record industry, which specially accommodates to the situation of modern China, and correctly grasps the future direction of Chinese new music. Modern Sky has consequently become one of the most influential corporations on Chinese modern music and youth culture.

WPU Music Biz students

        As the first Original Music Festival, our goal is to promote the new style music, make more musicians recognize. At the same time, we also guide the new generation to acknowledge original music, and to cultivate their innovation and appreciation.

By Muxi Zhao

WPU Master Student

Class of 2014

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