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Your Weekly WP Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up (January 19)

Here’s your weekly Music/Entertainment Industry social media wrap-up with Beyonce vs. Anchorman 2, streaming royalty payouts, and more. Click, would ya? Many thanks.


Hey Music, You So Totally Rock!

 Hey Music, You So Totally Rock!! Just like the proud father Crush felt after little Squirt learned to handle flying solo. Feel good music that turtles swim to… Tooootallyy   Sup dudes? Got some killer tunes that will leaving you feeling like  “hey music, you so totally rock!”  This playlist is full of upbeat, positive and awesome…

Interview with J. Sider CEO of Bandpage

J. Sider CEO of Bandpage Video Interview

Watch this great interview in which J. Sider, CEO of Bandpage, is interviewed all about the service, from startup phase to how they grew.

Music Management series danny goldberg

(Video) Music Business Seminar Series: Label Head & Artist Manager Danny Goldberg

The Music Business Seminar Series has been a mainstay of the William Paterson University Music Management program for 30 years. Click to watch former record company president, artist manager, public relations man and journalist/writer Danny Goldberg talks about Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and more.

Dear music, Thanks for all the wonderful memories. This is a photo from my band Impulse after we placed in the battle of the bands contest.

Dear Music: Thanks For The Memories

Dear music, thanks for the the great memories! Check out the ways music has influenced me as a person, and my experience with it thus far in my life!

Kristin Thomson Future of Music Coalition

Kristin Thomson, Future of Music Coalition, Video Interview

Kristin Thomson of the Future of Music Coalition speaks about the record label she ran, her career as a musician, & her research in artist revenue streams. Click to watch this hard-hitting interview co-conducted by your Professor David Philp.


The Power of Music to Reflect the Heart Exists!

In this blog, music is described as having the power to not only strengthen or uplift the heart. It has the power to reflect the heart. Click and also check out the YouTube playlist.

women of country music

Women in Country Music: From 2000s to Today

What’s happening with women in country music today? Where are their hits? WP Pop Major Sarah Dinetz explores the topic in depth. Click and see what you find out.

Love note

Dear Music — Why Live Music is the Best Music

Dear Music — Why Live Music is the Best Music by THE Jess Frank. Music has always been my escape and concerts have always been where I feel like I belong. Click to read my thoughts and hear who I believe the Top 10 Bands that everyone should see live are!

Lauren Marsh Oh Oh My Heart

Lauren Marsh – This Week’s Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show Guest

Listen Wednesday night, January 14th, at 8:00 to hear a scintillating interview with independent recording artist Lauren Marsh on the Music Biz 101 & More radio show. Tweet your questions now to @MusicBiz101wp!!