Brave-athon on wpsc

Brave-Athon Is…Today!

Stream Brave-athon live today. It kicks off with Music Biz 101 & More radio show contest winners Tigerman at 9AM and Melanie Marie at 10AM. Let’s Rock!

Music in Social Media II William Paterson University

Where Do I Go To School? An Open Letter To Prospective Music Industry Students

Your favorite Professor Philp was asked by the father of a potential student why his son should consider choosing William Paterson University and its Music Biz programs. Click to read the response.

Michael Kurtz Music Biz 101

Record Store Day Co-Founder, Michael Kurtz: This Week’s Radio Show Guest

Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day, guests on this week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show. Click to see what questions we’ll ask and how you can ask your questions.

Dan Goldberg WMG Music Biz 101

Dan Goldberg, VP Strategic Development at Warner Music Group, To Speak Thursday

Dan Goldberg is coming in to speak about how got into his current, fairly awesome job. He’ll talk about the Consumer Sales & Marketing part of WMG as it relates to merch, e-commerce, ticketing and more.

Kelly Clarkson Music Biz 101wp

Your Weekly WP Music/Entertainment Industry Social Media Wrap-Up (April 13th)

Here’s your weekly Music/Entertainment Industry social media wrap-up with YouTube vs. Tidal, Kelly Clarkson’s new deal, Beyonce’s manager & more. Click!

Tracey Jordan SiriusXM Music Biz 101

SiriusXM’s Tracey Jordan Speaks At William Paterson University Tuesday Night

The 2015 Music Management Seminar Series, hosted by the Music Management Department at William Paterson University, welcomes Tracey Jordan, Director of Talent & Industry Relations for SiriusXM, Tuesday night, April 14th, at 8:00.

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo Music Biz 101 & More

Video: Beyonce’s Lee Anne Callahan-Longo/Parkwood Entertainment Interview

Watch Beyonce’s manager, Lee Ann Callahan Longo, speak to music biz students as part of William Paterson University’s 2015 Music Mgt. Seminar Series. Click.

Ashley Overa Save The Music

WP Music Biz Students – Doing Good In The Community

Two WP Music Biz students, Ashley Overa and Lauren Shepard, are producing benefit shows over the next two nights. Click for details so you can support them!

The Cutting Room's Steve Walter - This Week’s Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show Guest

The Cutting Room’s Steve Walter – This Week’s Music Biz 101 & More Radio Show Guest

The Cutting Room’s Steve Walter guests on this week’s Music Biz 101 & More radio show. Steve will talk about owning a top NYC venue, booking acts, expenses, promotion, dealing with agents, and more! Click for full details.

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo Music Biz 101 & More

Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment GM, Lee Anne Callahan-Longo – Your Music Business Recap

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, Beyonce’s Parkwood Entertainment GM, spoke at William Paterson University on March 24, 2015. The following Twitter recap fills you in on all the details. Give a click and see what you missed!